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This organisation was formed in March 1986 after a meeting of a group of local history enthusiasts who each gave a donation of £10.00 and a constitution etc. was agreed.

The first premises used were a small room within the Buckie Public Library which subsequently became too small to accommodate our expanding records and artefacts.

After several meetings with The Moray Council the lease of the former caretaker’s cottage situated at the rear of the library, which had lain empty for many years, was agreed.


Welcome to the heritage...
  • Buckie and District Fishing Heritage
  • Buckie and District Fishing Heritage
  • Buckie and District Fishing Heritage
  • Buckie and District Fishing Heritage
  • Buckie and District Fishing Heritage
  • Buckie and District Fishing Heritage
  • Buckie and District Fishing Heritage

If you are in the Buckie Area we extend to you a warm welcome to visit us at the Heritage Centre. You will discover the unique fishing history of this lovely part of the Moray Firth. We have a very extensive range of photographs which depict all aspects of the fishing industries which flourished here in the past. Our collection is in excess of 8000 photographs and includes most of the BCK and BF boat registrations and some other neighbouring registrations.

In addition you will find photographs showing the gutting quines, coopers and many other items relating to the heritage of Buckie and District, There are numerous artefacts on display and a splendid collection of model boats ranging from Scaffies, Zulu boats, Drifters and Motor Fishing boats. Photographs may be accessed on our computers at the Centre or you can sit and browse through our large collection which is available to you in books. The Heritage Centre is run by volunteers who give up their free time in order to preserve the character and the history of the area.

Admission is free although donations are welcome to assist with the cost of our overheads. Please call and have a chat with the members who are on duty and who will only be too happy to assist with any enquiries you may have. Visits may be arranged to the Heritage Centre by groups and visitors during the close season by contacting a member of the Committee or by leaving a message at the adjoining Public Library. School Groups, organisations and individuals are always made welcome provided a mutually convenient time is arranged for out of hours visits.
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Toonsfowk, Fermers and the Fisherfolk at War

In this book, John Crawford’s depiction of the Royal Navy at the outbreak of the 1st World War is deliberate, when he describes this massive fighting force, with its reputation for dominating the oceans of the world extending back over centuries, confident in its ability to continue as before and unaware that times are changing: ‘old fashioned’ has become inefficient and the widespread use of mines and submarines will change the face of warfare on water.

He describes the blockading role given to the Navy in its attempt to prevent the German Fleet escaping into the North Sea and the effectiveness of enemy U-Boats in attacks on large warships, where the efforts of thirty men could result in the loss of eight hundred.

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